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Survival Tactics for Two Under Two - Part Two

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PART TWO - Keeping toddlers busy

Their little minds are working one hundred miles an hour. They cannot sit still. You want them to sit still so you can take care of baby! How on earth do I keep this one occupied! A couple of quick ideas…

The ‘breastfeeding’ basket: Call it what you like but basically keep a designated basket of ‘special’ toys that only come out when you need to sit and feed baby. As these are toys that only come out every so often, they are sure to keep your toddler engaged and occupied.

On that note, I have also started a collection of egg cartons, toilet rolls, old bday cards, wrapping paper, ribbons etc to create a craft box so once my toddler is ready, we can start working on some more crafty projects.

High chairs: Pop them in the high chair with some toys, pencils/paper, food they can manage on their own like fruit, carrot stick, biscuits and cheese etc to grab a few minutes to attend to your newborn without a tornado like toddler running about.

The forbidden TV: Yes I openly admit to using the TV as a temporary babysitter. It may not be ideal but when you are home by yourself and bubs nappy is full of what resembles pumpkin soup leaking down her leg and you just need a couple of minutes to deal with it, you have to do what you can amongst the chaos! These are the ‘survival’ tactics! My toddler loves Dora and Yo Gabba Gabba so I pop on an episode and attend to baby’s needs. The Wiggles’s is another fave – anything with bright colours, singing and dancing. Obviously we don't condone extended lengths of time watching TV - how boring and mind numbing - but in a hectic household, TV certainly has it's place in my opinion.

Outside time: Kids need sun and time outside to explore and exert some of that energy! They will settle easier and sleep better after some time outside. Why not kill two birds with one stone – get your toddler to help you hang out the washing, wash the dog, do the gardening etc. Also get out of the house and walk to a nearby park and play. My toddler hands me the pegs when I am hanging out the washing...before being distracted by something else! 

There are some great swing sets and play gym equipment second hand on sites like ebay and gumtree. There are also tables set up for water play and sand that look great too.

Next post we reveal the secrets to a calm baby! No really...they are just the everyday tips we have used and what seems to work for us at the moment :)