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Before and After: A Kmart Wooden Play Kitchen Hack

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I am all for upcycling and re-using what I have around the home before looking to buy new and so when I realised that our Kmart play kitchen was sitting in the kids play room, collecting dust, I was up for the challenge to revamp it and rekindle the kids interest in play.

The Kmart wooden play kitchen is a great buy and has the main features that the kids love to use during imaginative kitchen play. My girls love opening and closing all the doors, pretending to cook on the stove top and washing up in the sink. Two of the doors have plastic inserts in the doors and it didn’t take much for my girls to shatter this and I had to remove it all together. The bright red and teal colours didn’t exactly fit in with the rest of the décor either. So it was pushed into a corner and not getting much love.

My first plan was to paint it white and add some wall decal stickers or contact. But my girls are pretty rough and tumble and I know that this would get pealed off and ripped in no time.

We love rainbows and I wanted to incorporate this into our new play kitchen design. I found some lovely bright mosaic glass tiles online that were quite affordable and thought these would make a lovely splash back for the play kitchen.

To paint over the bright colours of the kmart wooden play kitchen, I used an undercoat primer in white. 


Next I applied a couple of coats of an interior semi gloss paint in white. 

I first mocked up a design for the tiles in a rainbow pattern on paper and then laid the kitchen down flat on it’s back and stuck the tiles down with silicone. I used a silicone gun to squeeze out a line of silicone and then stuck each individual tile down. It was simple and quick and as the silicone doesn’t dry immediately, I was able to move the tiles around if I made a mistake. I left the play kitchen to dry overnight and it was ready to go the next day!

We also added some little hooks above the sink so the girls could hang their play kitchen utensils up and some hooks on the side to hand toys. I added some clips to the “fridge” door for the girls to hang art work. They really love it and our revamped wooden play kitchen has now become a much loved unique feature in the play room! 

Here is a close up of the mosaic tiles - I chose a random selection of colours, some plain, some glitter and some have a pearl effect.

So before you throw away those old toys that the kids no longer seem interested in, I hope this gives you some inspiration to have a go at revamping them to see if you can reinvigorate their interest before buying anything new! xx

February 1st 2016 update: I am thrilled to discover that our post has been featured on Mum's Grapevine - we love this blog! Thank you for including us in your article about Kmart Kitchen Hacks :) More gorgeous Kmart Kitchen Makeover inspo can be found here:

Coming soon: I am currently working on another DIY project - converting our old IKEA change table into a play market stall (inspired by the Le Toy Van Market Stall from the Honeybake series) - I will pop up a blog post on this soon, once all complete xx

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